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Where is that graphic novel? Well… it’s all in the Kickstarter video here. No, I usually don’t do stuff like this, but I also don’t give up easily on the stuff I want to do. So, one way or the other, I’ll be finishing this project.

Your help could make it a reality!



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December Update 2012

Nope, I’m not dead. Not yet at least. Been a crazy fall, I’ll tell you that much. Unfortunately, the crazy was in life not writing. Sigh.

The good news? Brasilia is still coming along and remains set for a 2013 release. (hey, a book a year ain’t bad for someone doing this very part-time) 🙂

More good news: The Kindle version of Eden will be FREE for 5 days right after XMas. So, tell your friends/family. 🙂

Even more good news: The Eden graphic novel is still on its way. Crossing fingers for a 2013 release on that as well. Don’t believe me? Koneh says “Believe it, sucka!”:


I guess that’s all for now. If you celebrate any upcoming holidays, enjoy yerselves. See y’all on the flip.

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Yup, it has been in the oven for quite some time… and it’s still there. Every now and then I check the temperature and breathe deeply the aroma of awesomeness.

Anyway, the “censored” panels are from me (they confused my parents before)… Why do I put the censored blotches there? Well, I’m a dick. 🙂  Enjoy!

Artwork by Andres Cornejo. Copyright Matthew C. Plourde, all rights reserved.

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Inks are coming along nicely:

Artwork by Andres Cornejo, all rights reserved.

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Sharing the road…

Another early sketch (pre-coloring, duh) for the graphic novel. Lex and Father C, sharing the road:

Artwork by Andres Cornejo, all rights reserved.

As a novelist, script-writing wasn’t exactly in my bag of tricks. I had to do some extensive research (10 minutes on Google) to figure it all out. Even though all the material is there (300+ pages of prose), it’s in the wrong format for a graphic novel/movie. Of course, there is plenty of debate on what format works best for a graphic novel script, but my artist has been doing just fine with a format like this (WordPress removed some of my tabbing, so use your imagination). I’ve found 3-5 panels per page to work the best:

Pages x-x

New Characters:

[pics, descriptions]

Page x

Panel 1     description. blah blah blah



Panel 2     description. blah blah blah





… and so on.

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Yet to be finalized & colorized, but shit:

Artwork by Andres Cornejo

We’re still hoping for an end of year release.

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Before I start in to my little bit of news, I just want to spend a bit of time on “life.”

For much of my life I quit when things got tough. I abandoned my writing dream because I thought society needed me to operate a register/fix computers. Relationships ended for me at the slightest hint of conflict – my longest relationship before college was 2 months. College challenged me and I lost my academic scholarship after the 1st semester. Each and every time someone in the world took advantage of me, I rolled-over and allowed it to happen.

That was my life.

Then, I was forced to grow a pair of non-nerf nuts. In 1999, the doctors told me I might lose my entire tongue. They said I’d be fed from a machine for the rest of my life. They said they might need to remove a portion of my face. They said I wouldn’t be able to swallow without medicine to assist me. They said I’d lose all my teeth. They said I’d never taste food again. They said it would be YEARS until I was anywhere near whole.

Fuck that shit.

I finally took control of my own life and sought the best doctor in the world for my surgery. I remained one step ahead of the doctors by retraining myself to swallow and retraining myself to eat and talk – all without their help. Why? Because their help meant I had to abide by their schedule.  Well, I was finished with the mounting losses. I watched other patients give in and who could blame them? The type of cancer I warred against left no prisoners. It is brutal and I can see where the white flag becomes a relief.

Just like Dido, there was no white flag above my door.

I bled and clawed and scratched and fought for every inch cancer took from me. Though grueling, it was how I chose to not only beat the disease but conquer everything else as well. While I’m still in near-constant pain compared to a “normal/healthy” chap, I’m not fighting at the same level anymore. However, when I target something that matters to me, you can bet I’ll unsheathe my +5 sword and do battle again.

And so it goes with the graphic novel version of Eden. I want it. Bad. It will happen. So, when my artist quit on me a few weeks ago, I didn’t despair. I contacted another artist who provided amazing samples and asked if he wanted the job. He said “yes.”

So, work continues:

Artwork by Andres Cornejo

More details to come, along with a more “official” announcement welcoming Andres to the team.

Be excellent, my friends…

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