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Yup… it’s been a while. Let’s see if we can summarize:

Eden Series

I desperately need to get back on track with Brasilia. The core is there, I just need to run it thru a few more edits and get it to my review group. I’ll always be the first to say: don’t force your stories. And, if I was working on Brasilia the past few months, that would have been forcing it. It will come… at its own pace.

Antaran Legacy Series

I get emails from people asking me when Book 2 will be out. For Duty seems to be a fan-favorite. Gosh… I wish I could spend some time on the sequel. The entire story is in my head, I just gotta get it down on paper. I’m agonizing right alongside y’all. Sorry!

Other Junk

  • I’ve been busy managing a new small press: Fable Press. Assisting other authors along the publishing journey has always been something I enjoyed. Earlier this year, a few of us came together and decided to just “do it.” We have 9 books published thus far!
  • I’m also close-ish to releasing my first board game, alongside one of my hetero-life-partners. We branded our little endeavor “Geek Fever Games” and I’m quite excited to finally see a project realized.
  • And, then this happened. I coded the game last year as a reaction to my realization that the game I wanted to play simply didn’t exist. (I guess I’m a lunatic that way) So, Geek Fever will be working on that title as we move into 2014 and beyond.

Final Word

While my recent pursuits may seem, on the surface, to cut into my writing time – the simple truth is that the writing time just hasn’t been there. I haven’t been “in a place” to write, and since it’s not how we pay the bills – I take it as it comes. I do hope to get back on track with Brasilia soon, and hopefully I’ll have some updates for everyone.

In the meantime, stay classy, Internet!


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