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EDEN launch party!

Ohhhh, yeah! Time to party!

In honor of Eden’s impending launch into print and beyond, I’m throwing a party. Bah, do we really need an excuse?

Come one, come all! Bring a friend (or 10)! I will have copies of Eden on hand for purchase (details below). Maybe I’ll sign some… We’ll have music, merriment, monkeys and surprises!

… okay, I might not be able to swing the monkeys.


Place: Southington Masonic Lodge (Southington CT)

Date: Saturday November 6th

Time: 7ish PM thru 11ish PM


Cash or Check only for books on hand:

Paperback: $10

Hardcover: $25

(no need to RSVP)


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Ode to my iPad

Oh iPad, oh iPad,

Where have you been all my life?

You have changed me today,

Would you consider replacing my wife?


I once wrote on the plane with my laptop,

But douchebags in front of me always lowered their seats.

Couldn’t they see I was working?

What a bunch of rat-dick-meats.


Speaking of meat that is smelly,

I love how Pages knows English perfectly.

Good-bye forever Micro$oft Word,

You have failed me as an ally like Italy.


I know there are things you cannot do,

Like multi-tasking and working with files.

I’m willing to forgive those flaws,

But only for a while.


Yes, as you can see,

I am a fickle sort.

Just ask anyone who plays games with me,

Of their criticism I have no retort.


** – No Italians were harmed in the making of this Ode

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Find your Element

A few of my facebook buds posted this link and it’s a very insightful little read:

Are you in your creative element?

The bit about public schools is extra-interesting to me, since my mother was a teacher and my kids are now “entering the system”. My experience is probably similar to most everyone else’s: did just fine in school, went to college for this degree, ended up doing something else. Of course, what I do to pay the bills still isn’t 100% aligned with who I am as a person. I haven’t taken that leap yet! But I do have mountains of respect for those friends of mine who struck off the beaten path to follow their “Element”. That takes some courage. 

Then, some of my other friends/family have gravitated towards a career that both pays the bills and fits their creative Element. I’m very happy for those fortunate individuals – well played!

Anyway, if you’re reading my blog, you know I’ve already found my Element — isn’t it time you found yours?  (if you haven’t already) 

Go out there and kick some ass, people!  🙂

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Eden available in Hardcover!

Yeah… ahem… well, I wager only my mother will pick it up – it’s just too expensive. I cannot do hardcover through Amazon quite yet, so Lulu is my best option right now. I’m throwing the link over on the right bar, but I strongly suggest you wait for the Amazon paperback if you want a dead tree version of Eden. Retail of the paperback will be $14.99-ish, and I’m sure Amazon will discount that price and offer better shipping rates.

So, if you really really need a 1st edition hardcover copy, follow the “Eden Hardcover” link on the right hand navigation… but, I warned you about the sticker shock! I wrote the damn thing and I don’t think it’s worth that much. Maybe I can offer some hardcover copies at the launch party/signings for a lower price, but I’m not sure…

Anyway, enjoy!

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Just a quick update on where we’re at:


I get another proof from the printer today. If it all looks good, I can approve the Amazon listing. It may take a few weeks for it to be fully available on Amazon, however. Oh, and it will be available internationally thru Amazon, which is cool for all my international friends who I know are losing precious hours of sleep each night wondering when they can purchase Eden… right? 

In parallel to Amazon, I’m also finalizing the paperwork for both Barnes & Noble (may hit at the same time as Amazon) and Ingram. The importance of being in Ingram is you could walk up to a brick & mortar bookstore, feed them the name/author, and they could order it for you… not that I expect that to *ever* happen.

Now, if my print looks good today, you *could* technically order Eden in print tonight. However, Amazon has better shipping deals and usually applies a discount. If you order directly from my publisher, they don’t have any deals going on right now. So, I’ll provide the links, but I recommend waiting for Amazon.


So close, yet so far! I have Eden in MOBI format, but my kindle distribution may still be a few weeks off. Amazon recently changed some rules about accepting MOBI documents, so things are delayed a tad. However, I downloaded a PC-Kindle application and read part of Eden in a “kindle-like” window yesterday! It looks great! So, all the parts are in place, it’s just a waiting game.

NOOK (Barnes & Noble)

Does anyone actually own this device? Well, I decided I wouldn’t leave anyone out… so, it should be available on the Nook in ~8 weeks. Yeah, Barnes & Noble moves at glacial speeds.


Sony and Kobo readers are also somewhat “mainstream”. Eden should be available on those in ~2-3 weeks.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned!

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So, while waiting for my retailer proof copies to review/edit/approve (the last step needed before we’re on Amazon with Eden), I decided to correct a terrible mistake.

You see, I began the next book in the “Eden Saga” on Microsoft Word a few months ago (just chapter 1). M$ Word = Tragedy. To correct this, I bought Pages for my iPad tonight and began a new Pages document on there to replace my already-failed M$ Word document. One of the main reasons I purchased the iPad was for plane-writing. So, this was a good preview of what that experience would be like. Ya know, it’s not half-bad! I certainly type a tad slower, but I could probably speed that up with a bluetooth keyboard.

So, I’m already ahead of the game by beginning in Pages. We already know the secret to converting it to ePub, so all we have to do is apply some chapter styles and we’re done! No more epic battles vs. Matt’s manuscripts.

We kinda have to wait on some of our marketing strategies to play out a little before going full-bore on that front… and it helps if the book is available in print and more e-formats (kindle, nook, etc) before we really throw down the gauntlet there. But, believe me – the gauntlet will be thrown! We have a few things in the works already, and we have a ton of great ideas. In the end, it may all be for naught, but that doesn’t mean I won’t fight like a cornered wolf for what I believe in. I’ve been here before, and I’m more stubborn/resilient than most…

Anyway, here’s what it looks like to create a book with the iPad:

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Believe it!

Eden Available via iBooks:

Follow the link on the right pane of this blog, it will bring you here:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/eden/id393746065?mt=11

Of course, the easiest way would be to fire up your iPad or iPhone, install iBooks, search for “eden” (mine is the first hit).  You can also search for “plourde” on iBooks – I’m the only one at the time of this post. Feel free to post a glowing 5-star review to support your friend here. The iBook version is the prettiest. It’s also one of the cheapest, which is just extra-good.

Amazon is soon to follow (this week or next), then the kindle and Barnes & Noble!  Stay tuned for those announcements.

Eden Trailer is Live!

You can use the links to the right to browse to my Youtube channel… or, here is the direct link:

Youtube HD Trailer

Exciting times!

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