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Post-Apoc on TV!

I’m talking about NBC’s Revolution, of course, which premiered on Monday. Post-apoc? On semi-primetime TV? Sweetness. Let’s dive in!

Things I liked:

  • Post apoc on TV/film is quite a rarity throughout the history of that media. Nice to see!
  • Neat science. I haven’t done research on electromagnetic waves and how they could knock-out our technology, but it’s certainly a fun topic to delve into. Reading the FAQ on iMDB.com, it seems like the idea is that “something else is afoot.” Being a sci-fi writer, I certainly don’t have a problem with that, and even welcome it.
  • Female midriff… yeah, I went there.
  • Post apoc scenes (though entirely too clean, like NYC in Newsies)
  • I kinda trust Bad Robot and many of the production peeps on this series

Things I’m not so sure about:

  • Did they say they were close to Chicago? I musta missed it if they did. But they kinda “warped” to Wrigley field and I had no sense of the length of their journey. Length of journey is kinda important in post apoc (see: The Book of Eli, Eden, Waterworld, etc etc). What? Did I just pimp my own shit AND mention Waterworld in the same note? Insanity…
  • Everyone is so clean and pretty… sigh. I guess it’s a necessity in today’s film & TV… even in a high fantasy, medieval or post-apoc setting.
  • Satellites must be in the sky, or else that end scene t’aint makin’ any sense!
  • Not so sure on the main character yet (despite my “like” of her midriff)
  • I know next to nothing about the captured brother, which makes it difficult to care if he lives or dies at the hands of Gus Fring (that was Gus, wasn’t it? He’s so fabulous.)

So… will I keep watching?

Fuck yeah. The show isn’t a Breaking Bad or a Firefly, but it’s the only post-apoc fare besides Walking Dead right now. I’ll take what I can get! 🙂


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Choose or Die…Again!

What does this all mean? What shall I do?

HINT #1: your Monday just went from blah to much better!

HINT #2: go read the latest chapter of the Ecopocalypse adventure by Matt and vote on the next move:


-LFJ 😉

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Some folk have been asking: where is the next Eden Saga book already? Yes, it is coming. And yes, when I have relevant news you can bet I’ll share it like a rabid lawn gnome chasing a bunny from a garden. (huh?)

In the meantime, be sure to check out For Duty. Don’t like sci-fi? Not a problem… written in the same vein as Eden, this book focuses upon the characters and the choices they make… not so much on technobabble, endless description of worm/butt-holes and the such. Give it a try! 🙂

Also “in the meantime”, be sure to check out this season’s Choose or Die story – it’s all about poo! You are a scientist who developed a revolutionary toilet – but it has turned the masses into poop zombies (yes, it’s lowbrow… but darnit if it ain’t fun to read about mindless poo-slingers). I’m writing the next chapter due out on Monday (that’s also when the voting happens). The format is a little wonky – just read up from the bottom.

Did you know I can “sign” your kindle version of my books? Yep, I can. Crap… I should update that shit.

What else… what else? Not sure there’s much more going on. As soon as I have updates on the next Eden Saga book, I’ll post here. So, be sure to follow the blog 🙂 And also on Facebook.  Cheers!

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Free Eden… and other news.

No, Eden doesn’t require liberation (or does it? have you even read Babylon yet? Tsk tsk). But Eden is FREE on the Kindle store for the next 5 days! Spread the word and 5-star reviews 🙂


Speaking of 5-star reviews… I’m not shocked, but I’m pissed that this happened. If yer too lazy to follow the link, best-selling author RJ Ellroy (millions of copies of his books sold) posted 5-star reviews of his own work on Amazon and also posted negative reviews of “competing” author works.


If yer gonna cheat, at least have the decency to not be a total bag of douche. Praise yer own work and call it a day (a self-serving, borderline moral day – but a day). Don’t go off and trash other author’s works under a pseudonym just because they are your “competition”. I have 2 issues with the “blind”, self-serving posting of negative reviews for others:

1. You are a greedy, selfish asshole. Lapse in judgment? No, sir. A lapse in judgment is when you eat 2 brownies instead of 1. When you speed because you think the extra 2 minutes will make/break your day. When you get your wife Guild Wars 2 for her birthday instead of jewelry. Attacking your “competition” anonymously because you think it’ll swing sales your way is grade-A (“A” for asshole, in case yer not following) behavior. Congrats, you are not a nice person.

2. If you really read the work and thought it deserved a 1-star review, post as yourself! Take responsibility for your opinion! Heck, I have nothing but respect for my 1-star reviewers who posted under their real name and pointed out the flaws in my work, or how it “fooled” them into purchasing something they thought was “Christian Fiction” (a label I never applied, but others have… so, I can see where they’re coming from). Many of my 1-star reviews make excellent points (and some are suspect, but we won’t get Matt started on that). If Mr. Ellroy thinks these books are awful works of fiction, he should say so under his own name. The whole “internet anonymity” phenomenon is destructive to society (yours, mine, the cockroach society). It teaches the next generations that they can say whatever they want without fear of opposing viewpoints, constructive dialog nor responsibility. Bad, bad, bad. The root of all evil is greed, but the path of decay we’re currently on stems from a wholesale lack of accountability for our own actions.

In all fairness, Mr. Ellroy did take responsibility for his actions (after he got caught) and tore-down his reviews under those pseudonyms. So, I guess that’s something for some of you? For me, it still doesn’t excuse the behavior, no matter if you call it a “lapse in judgment” or “being an asshat”. I think it’s clear how I categorize this sort of thing.


A sad bit of news: The Eden audiobook has been put on hold indefinitely due to financial considerations. Or, in other words: I just can’t afford that shit right now. It’s still on the radar and Jane is all lined up to do the voice work. The bank account just can’t handle “doing it right.” For the moment. It will happen, someday. Promise. Maybe promise. Perhaps… Bacdafukup!


Umm.. what else? Oh yeah, an Eden game? Whaaaa–? Believe it. Perhaps in 2013. Stay tuned!


Get on out there and tell yer friends about Eden’s free-ness. And post up some nice 5-star reviews, ’cause God knows I ain’t gonna do it myself. 🙂

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Labor of Love

This Labor Day weekend, it’s all about *love* for Matt.

In fact, guess whose books are now on Pinterest? Click on the links below to give Matt some sugar and pin your favorite novel (or even both books) onto your board:

Eden: http://pinterest.com/BookJunkies/war-post-apocalyptic-apocalyptic/
For Duty: http://pinterest.com/BookJunkies/science-fiction/

Have a happy, safe, holiday weekend!

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