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Erzulie vs Derechi


Y’all didn’t think I forgot about our pal, Derechi, from Eden — did ya?

Who will prevail – demon lord or fallen angel?

How have the events of Babylon changed Alexandra?

… all of this, and more, soon to be revealed in Brasilia, the next installment of the Eden Saga.

[final rounds of editing begin in 1 week]

Haven’t started the Eden Saga yet? For shame. Go grab Eden now.

Erzulie faces down her newest opponent. (Studio work & photograph by Miceli Productions HD)

Erzulie faces down her newest opponent. (Studio work & photograph by Miceli Productions HD)


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March 2013 Update

Brasilia? We don’t need no stinkin’ Brasilia!

Err… Okay, okay. Of course we need some Brasilia. Will have a cover very soon to share with y’all. First draft isn’t quite done yet, but it inches closer. Still on target for a 2013 release date, depending on some other people’s schedules. 🙂

Eden free tomorrow!

Starting tomorrow (Wednesday), Eden will be free on the Kindle store for 5 days (thru Sunday).

Hey, anyone have any Canadian friends? Go tell them to download & review Eden on amazon.ca for me. Need some love from the northlands… Is Winter coming?

Graphic Novel?

Yes, yes… slow, slow. Just got a few more pages today. Through sheer force of will, I shall see that project to completion.



Yup, that’s all I got for now. I have a few other big projects & such brewing/underway… but none of those are necessarily relevant to anything here just yet. As always – once I know, you know. More to come…

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