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Where is that graphic novel? Well… it’s all in the Kickstarter video here. No, I usually don’t do stuff like this, but I also don’t give up easily on the stuff I want to do. So, one way or the other, I’ll be finishing this project.

Your help could make it a reality!



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Erzulie vs Derechi


Y’all didn’t think I forgot about our pal, Derechi, from Eden — did ya?

Who will prevail – demon lord or fallen angel?

How have the events of Babylon changed Alexandra?

… all of this, and more, soon to be revealed in Brasilia, the next installment of the Eden Saga.

[final rounds of editing begin in 1 week]

Haven’t started the Eden Saga yet? For shame. Go grab Eden now.

Erzulie faces down her newest opponent. (Studio work & photograph by Miceli Productions HD)

Erzulie faces down her newest opponent. (Studio work & photograph by Miceli Productions HD)

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Free Eden… and other news.

No, Eden doesn’t require liberation (or does it? have you even read Babylon yet? Tsk tsk). But Eden is FREE on the Kindle store for the next 5 days! Spread the word and 5-star reviews 🙂


Speaking of 5-star reviews… I’m not shocked, but I’m pissed that this happened. If yer too lazy to follow the link, best-selling author RJ Ellroy (millions of copies of his books sold) posted 5-star reviews of his own work on Amazon and also posted negative reviews of “competing” author works.


If yer gonna cheat, at least have the decency to not be a total bag of douche. Praise yer own work and call it a day (a self-serving, borderline moral day – but a day). Don’t go off and trash other author’s works under a pseudonym just because they are your “competition”. I have 2 issues with the “blind”, self-serving posting of negative reviews for others:

1. You are a greedy, selfish asshole. Lapse in judgment? No, sir. A lapse in judgment is when you eat 2 brownies instead of 1. When you speed because you think the extra 2 minutes will make/break your day. When you get your wife Guild Wars 2 for her birthday instead of jewelry. Attacking your “competition” anonymously because you think it’ll swing sales your way is grade-A (“A” for asshole, in case yer not following) behavior. Congrats, you are not a nice person.

2. If you really read the work and thought it deserved a 1-star review, post as yourself! Take responsibility for your opinion! Heck, I have nothing but respect for my 1-star reviewers who posted under their real name and pointed out the flaws in my work, or how it “fooled” them into purchasing something they thought was “Christian Fiction” (a label I never applied, but others have… so, I can see where they’re coming from). Many of my 1-star reviews make excellent points (and some are suspect, but we won’t get Matt started on that). If Mr. Ellroy thinks these books are awful works of fiction, he should say so under his own name. The whole “internet anonymity” phenomenon is destructive to society (yours, mine, the cockroach society). It teaches the next generations that they can say whatever they want without fear of opposing viewpoints, constructive dialog nor responsibility. Bad, bad, bad. The root of all evil is greed, but the path of decay we’re currently on stems from a wholesale lack of accountability for our own actions.

In all fairness, Mr. Ellroy did take responsibility for his actions (after he got caught) and tore-down his reviews under those pseudonyms. So, I guess that’s something for some of you? For me, it still doesn’t excuse the behavior, no matter if you call it a “lapse in judgment” or “being an asshat”. I think it’s clear how I categorize this sort of thing.


A sad bit of news: The Eden audiobook has been put on hold indefinitely due to financial considerations. Or, in other words: I just can’t afford that shit right now. It’s still on the radar and Jane is all lined up to do the voice work. The bank account just can’t handle “doing it right.” For the moment. It will happen, someday. Promise. Maybe promise. Perhaps… Bacdafukup!


Umm.. what else? Oh yeah, an Eden game? Whaaaa–? Believe it. Perhaps in 2013. Stay tuned!


Get on out there and tell yer friends about Eden’s free-ness. And post up some nice 5-star reviews, ’cause God knows I ain’t gonna do it myself. 🙂

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Yup, it has been in the oven for quite some time… and it’s still there. Every now and then I check the temperature and breathe deeply the aroma of awesomeness.

Anyway, the “censored” panels are from me (they confused my parents before)… Why do I put the censored blotches there? Well, I’m a dick. 🙂  Enjoy!

Artwork by Andres Cornejo. Copyright Matthew C. Plourde, all rights reserved.

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Starting… NOW!

Go get it on the Kindle store and happy father’s day to all my fellow dads out there. (and my own dad, of course)

I mean, what else says “father’s day” like a post-apocalyptic trip to one of  humanity’s mythical birthplaces? Angels, demons, traitors, redemption, love, courage… all great stuff 🙂

Enjoy! Tell your friends! The “free-ness” ends Monday.

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Inks are coming along nicely:

Artwork by Andres Cornejo, all rights reserved.

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If you’ve been coming to my blog for a while, you know how transparent I am in most things. Since I do tutor other self-publishing writers, I try to share as much as I can about the process. So, how’d the free promo for Eden go? What are my thoughts? Keep yer shirt on (please!) and read below.

First of all, If you’re like me and you truly believe “PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN”, check out the previous blog post ripe with pics. Yeah, baby. That’s some great stuff. We shot up to the #1 Fantasy Epic after just a few hours (on the free store, as Eden was free during the promo). Shortly afterwards, we claimed the #1 spot in Sci-Fi as well. We held both spots during the whole promotion. Throughout most of Friday & Saturday we were also #1 for the entire “Fantasy” genre.

The numbers (Eden downloads during the promo):

  • 15,456* (US Store)
  • 537 (UK Store)
  • 70 (Germany)
  • 1 (Spain – thanks for chipping-in!)

* As I wrote this blog post, we got 9 more downloads, eventho Eden is now back to its normal price of $4.99. Weird… must be the ghost in the Amazon machine.

I really wasn’t expecting such a large turnout, but I’m jazzed by those numbers. (especially from the Iberian peninsula! Must be my 1 Portuguese friend…)

After all of this, I’m starting to construct my new novel “rollout plan,” and it certainly includes the Kindle Select program. Look for my thoughts on that matter in the next few weeks, if self-pubbing is your bag.

As an update to Babylon, the paperback and hardcover proofs are on their way to my house as we speak. If those look good, I’ll be enabling them on their respective sites for purchase. I’m also still working on a CT-based launch party (full of hardcovers), so I’ll announce that once we get a location/date. Also, I banged out a few chapters of Alexandria over the weekend (the next novel in the series). Let’s see if I can finish it in a timely manner so nobody has to wait an exorbitant amount of time. Hell, I’m interested to see what happens next too (no, I don’t write with outlines – plotting is the devil!).

Did you know?

I do have another novel out there… For Duty has kind of been my little, out-of-favor step child. And that’s amusing, because many of my close friends actually like it better than Eden. True, it’s sci-fi, but as I said in a few interviews: the story could have taken place anywhere. I’m not one to drown a reader in technobabble or lengthy back story. For Duty is about the characters and the story, not much else. And at ~70,000 words, it’s a quick read. Check it out! 🙂

For those of you new to my little blog here (you cannot hide from me!), I’m working on the audiobook to Eden. The talented Ms. Jacobs is doing the reading – she also voiced the Babylon trailer and she’s full of so much AWESOME, I cannot even begin to describe it.

We’re also working on a graphic novel version of Eden. I’ll have another treat from that project to share soonish.

Does Matt Know?

Yes, I know my blog banner looks like half-eaten roadkill.

Completely Unrelated

Yup, I’m sure I’m violating some “blogger’s code” or someshit. But, my wife & I have been thoroughly enjoying Geek & Sundry on YouTube. If you are a gamer, you must watch “The Guild.” If you are a German boardgamer (yes, we are), you must watch “Tabletop.” If you have an unhealthy obsession with Felicia Day, you must watch “The Flog.” Down with Network Television – rising indy channels are where it’s at. Give it a look-see if you have a geeky bone in your body.


What a weekend…

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