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December Update 2012

Nope, I’m not dead. Not yet at least. Been a crazy fall, I’ll tell you that much. Unfortunately, the crazy was in life not writing. Sigh.

The good news? Brasilia is still coming along and remains set for a 2013 release. (hey, a book a year ain’t bad for someone doing this very part-time) 🙂

More good news: The Kindle version of Eden will be FREE for 5 days right after XMas. So, tell your friends/family. 🙂

Even more good news: The Eden graphic novel is still on its way. Crossing fingers for a 2013 release on that as well. Don’t believe me? Koneh says “Believe it, sucka!”:


I guess that’s all for now. If you celebrate any upcoming holidays, enjoy yerselves. See y’all on the flip.


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