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All Things -cipation

In current participation, as well as in anticipation of Matt’s pending review of Eden in October, have a look at Matt’s Spotlight at Back of the Book Reviews:


Also, browse their awesome September Extravaganza and enter to win some good stuff! 😉

Cheers, LFJ


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September Update!

Have we sunk to monthly updates? Nah, not ready to concede that point yet.

Anyway, I was hoping to get Babylon’s 1st draft done by the end of the summer – likely not. I do have some time-off coming up, and my plan is to use it to write for a week. That’ll do it for draft 1 of Babylon for sure.

August / September have been crazy busy for me. I’ve also been struggling with the whole thought of blogging in general. I certainly want to continue doing it for non-status-related things, but I might change it up a little. Still thinking about stuff on that front.

In the meantime, work on the graphic novel continues. Here’s another rough sketch to pass along:

Artwork by Andres Cornejo, all rights reserved

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Hey YOU, fellow Matthew C. Plourde Fan:

Are your thoughts still lingering over The Antaran Legacy, Book 1: For Duty? Are you contemplating on what Matt is up to next?

You are not alone!

Check out his latest, two-part interview with Kellie at ReaWrite:



Bonus? Enter the giveaway for your chance to win your own, signed copy of For Duty:


Again, our continued gratitude to Kellie Sheridan for going above and beyond with her review, as well as providing the Q&A forum!!!


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