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Whew. My life certainly has the ability to explode around me still. Though, I must admit, it is of my own choosing. When you try to change some fundamental things about how you live your life, there’s bound to be fallout. In this case, it hindered my available time to write… to tell a story. But nothing worth doing is ever easy, so I’m not at all dismayed or regretful.

Is all of that in the past? Not remotely. Change takes time, and I’m not about to abandon the changes I wish to make.

With that said, Brasilia is ready for peer review (starting with my wonderful, lovely wife). I’ve decided to take a different direction, while my free time is clearly under “uncertain” status. I’m going to write, and share, according to a new schedule. You see, the majority of Brasilia was completed 6 months ago. It’s only my notion that a novel needs to be of a certain length, and of a certain format that has led me to great delay. I had it stuck in my mind that I needed to follow the established conventions to share my story… I forgot something important: the story is ready when the story is ready. For me, right now, that readiness must follow the storyteller’s schedule… the storyteller’s life. And my life right now will dictate how the story gets released.

You see, I truly believe the best way to tell a story is to tell it in one complete thought. Eden took 10 years (and it shows in spots), but Babylon and For Duty only took a few months each. I think they are better stories for it. So, no more. I plan to write & release when the story is complete. And, right now, I don’t have vast tracts of time to dedicate to massive books (I do envy some of my peers who have that luxury). The releases will be smaller, in almost “chronicle” format, and I plan to release them quicker… all leading up to the final book (Alexandria).

So, expect a fall release of Brasilia (I can say that with confidence now), followed quickly by the first “Eden Chronicle”, which will begin to tell the story which leads to the finale, Alexandria.

I am thankful for the words of encouragement from those of you who found some joy in my novels. I do take my self-proclaimed title of “storyteller” very seriously, and know that this is the best course for me right now. I must tell this story and I do care enough to share it with anyone who will listen.

Thanks for listening!


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Erzulie vs Derechi


Y’all didn’t think I forgot about our pal, Derechi, from Eden — did ya?

Who will prevail – demon lord or fallen angel?

How have the events of Babylon changed Alexandra?

… all of this, and more, soon to be revealed in Brasilia, the next installment of the Eden Saga.

[final rounds of editing begin in 1 week]

Haven’t started the Eden Saga yet? For shame. Go grab Eden now.

Erzulie faces down her newest opponent. (Studio work & photograph by Miceli Productions HD)

Erzulie faces down her newest opponent. (Studio work & photograph by Miceli Productions HD)

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Some folk have been asking: where is the next Eden Saga book already? Yes, it is coming. And yes, when I have relevant news you can bet I’ll share it like a rabid lawn gnome chasing a bunny from a garden. (huh?)

In the meantime, be sure to check out For Duty. Don’t like sci-fi? Not a problem… written in the same vein as Eden, this book focuses upon the characters and the choices they make… not so much on technobabble, endless description of worm/butt-holes and the such. Give it a try! 🙂

Also “in the meantime”, be sure to check out this season’s Choose or Die story – it’s all about poo! You are a scientist who developed a revolutionary toilet – but it has turned the masses into poop zombies (yes, it’s lowbrow… but darnit if it ain’t fun to read about mindless poo-slingers). I’m writing the next chapter due out on Monday (that’s also when the voting happens). The format is a little wonky – just read up from the bottom.

Did you know I can “sign” your kindle version of my books? Yep, I can. Crap… I should update that shit.

What else… what else? Not sure there’s much more going on. As soon as I have updates on the next Eden Saga book, I’ll post here. So, be sure to follow the blog 🙂 And also on Facebook.  Cheers!

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Well, on the northern coast of Egypt, last I looked. There was once a lighthouse…

Oh, you mean the Alexandria I promised you? Well… ummm… I wrote about 30,000 words and realized something: I’m not writing Alexandria. This book is clearly called Brasilia.

So, there it is. Despite my vague plans for a trilogy, the story is telling me something different. Perhaps 4 books, maybe 5. If you are the type of person who likes a solid roadmap, yeah… maybe I’m not your author 🙂 The next book in the line will certainly be titled Brasilia and it’s surprising me just as I expected (try to figure that sentence out).

Axel is already hard at work on the cover change. Of course I’m keeping the same artist – why in the world would I look for someone else? And to prove to y’all that it’s coming along (this is draft 1, so it’s rough… not sure what chapter, I just pinned the tail on the donkey here):

Copyright Matthew C. Plourde, all rights reserved.

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