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Choose or Die…Again!

What does this all mean? What shall I do?

HINT #1: your Monday just went from blah to much better!

HINT #2: go read the latest chapter of the Ecopocalypse adventure by Matt and vote on the next move:


-LFJ ūüėČ


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Some folk have been asking: where is the next Eden Saga book already? Yes, it is coming. And yes, when I have relevant news you can bet I’ll share it like a rabid lawn gnome chasing a¬†bunny from a garden. (huh?)

In the meantime, be sure to check out For Duty. Don’t like sci-fi? Not a problem… written in the same vein as Eden, this book focuses upon the characters and the choices they make… not so much on technobabble, endless description of worm/butt-holes and the such. Give it a try! ūüôā

Also “in the meantime”, be sure to check out this season’s¬†Choose or Die story – it’s all about poo! You are a scientist who developed a revolutionary toilet – but it has turned the masses into poop zombies (yes, it’s lowbrow… but darnit if it ain’t fun to read about mindless poo-slingers). I’m writing the next chapter due out on Monday (that’s also when the voting happens).¬†The format is a little wonky – just read up from the bottom.

Did you know I can “sign” your kindle version of my books? Yep, I can. Crap… I should update that shit.

What else… what else? Not sure there’s much more going on. As soon as I have updates on the next Eden Saga book, I’ll post here. So, be sure to follow the blog ūüôā And also on Facebook.¬† Cheers!

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Choose or Die’s new season started on Monday. I kinda missed¬†sending out the notice¬†due to a recently hectic work schedule. Though voting is closed on the first installment, you can still pick things up right from the start!

Go here.

The story gets posted on Mondays (I think) and voting is open for 24 hours. The “winning” choice will continue the story. Some of the other choices get a “kill scene” where we get to follow the grisly death of our hero.

What is Choose of Die? It’s a community “choose your own adventure” where the voting decides the outcome of the story. It usually takes a turn for the weird and is always fun. Check it out!

I’ll be writing for¬†the season “Ecopocalypse” in¬†a few weeks. Enjoy! ūüôā

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No, please don’t grab my bag.

Lots of great stuff in here! Globetrotters, interviews, pricing updates, contact from a publisher, Babylon update and more! Strap-in and open wide. Hot lunch coming up:

Choose or Die!

What? You’re not reading the current¬†choose-you-own-adventure story about the cop and the Globetrotters? Shame on you! I¬†wrote a “kill scene” so get to reading!¬†Start with the link I provided and be sure to choose¬†this at chapter 3: “B. Tell the ‚ÄėTrotters to meet you at the address of the guy who hired Paul so you can sweat some answers out of him?” ¬†

Podcast Interview

As you may or may not know, I’m part of a most excellent group of indy writers known as The Literary Underground.¬†We share info and help each other with all things publishing & writing. It’s just a great bunch of folk.

Well, we also have a podcast! If you wish to hear my sultry voice (not really), check it out! We cover everything from my books to self-pubbing¬†to cancer to the age old¬†question: ping pong or tennis? (and: wife or writing? — yikes!)


My wife and editor are so far up my ass on this project, I can feel them coming up in my throat. I’ve flinged all kinds of excuses as to why it’s taking me so long, but the time for bitching is over. The story is finally in a state where I can move on from the “middle.” Like I mentioned previously, I’m aiming to have draft #1 done by the end of the summer (really, it’ll be draft #4 for the first half, as I’ve been stopping/starting quite a bit ala Eden). My head is down and I’m focused. It will happen. My goal is to move VERY fast once the 1st draft is done and maybe have another early fall release. It’s aggressive, but perhaps doable. Maybe late fall.

Maybe I’m just lying.

If y’all are good little boys & girls (and whatever else), perhaps I’ll post some teaser content once draft 1 (4-ish)¬†is done. Perhaps…

Funny thing happened – I got a little lost (in a bad way) in the story and had to rework it a few times before it was “right.” I know I preach about writing without an outline and I still believe in that approach. But this time it certainly caused me to backtrack a few times as things just weren’t clicking. Bah, it’s on course now and that’s all that matters. I guess it’s worth mentioning that no approach is ironclad. As a writer, you will find what works best for you preparation-wise. I still believe outlines don’t work for me.

Little known fact: I was contacted by a mid-size publishing house about Eden

Gosh, this was 3 or 4 months ago now. I was quite excited, to say the least. This was a real house with some excellent books under their banner. The owner seemed genuine and I quickly sent Eden over to them at their request. They told me I’d hear something in a month at the most.

I waited 1.5 months.

Sent a quick email – “Hey, I was just following-up on Eden. Did you guys have a chance to review it yet?” (or something equally benign/short like that)

No response.

Waited another month.

Sent another quick email: “Well, thanks for the opportunity.”

Still haven’t gotten a response to either email. This is exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to professionalism (or lack thereof).¬†¬†If they didn’t like Eden, then a quick rejection letter is all that is required. If they read more about me and thought I was too much of a loose-cannon, again – tell me that! You contacted me, and I don’t even warrant a follow-up? I know they are still in business. I checked my junk mail. Nothing.

If I did this to my potential clients I would be fired from my job. It’s bad business and douchiness¬†to the extreme. That *some* publishing companies/agents feel they can treat writers like garbage¬†under their boots boils my blood more than Massachusetts drivers. If you listen to the podcast interview, we somewhat mention my outspoken stance on traditional publishing. Did¬†my¬†hollering¬†hurt me here? No clue, but I’m not going to lie about what I have experienced first-hand in “their world.”¬†I see something wrong, I call it out. If that¬†gets me blacklisted, so be it. At least I’m the one being honest &¬†professional. Someone has to.

Physical Edition Price Drop!

Both¬†the hardcover and paperback editions of Eden/Antaran Legacy¬†have had their prices reduced (Amazon might take a while to reflect the new price)! I really haven’t looked at them in a while, and I’d like to get more paperback sales. Maybe this’ll bump them into another tier. I’d love to do $9.99, but it bounces me out of the “expanded distribution” channels that Amazon has. In the end, I think it better the books are more visible for now.

Well, you can always get the paperbacks for $10 at my book signings… of which I need to have another one. Soon. Maybe a combined Babylon, Antaran Legacy bonanza later this year. I dunno. My peeps should just schedule one and tell me to arrive.¬† ūüôā¬† (yes, I am that¬† lazy sometimes)

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