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Before I start in to my little bit of news, I just want to spend a bit of time on “life.”

For much of my life I quit when things got tough. I abandoned my writing dream because I thought society needed me to operate a register/fix computers. Relationships ended for me at the slightest hint of conflict – my longest relationship before college was 2 months. College challenged me and I lost my academic scholarship after the 1st semester. Each and every time someone in the world took advantage of me, I rolled-over and allowed it to happen.

That was my life.

Then, I was forced to grow a pair of non-nerf nuts. In 1999, the doctors told me I might lose my entire tongue. They said I’d be fed from a machine for the rest of my life. They said they might need to remove a portion of my face. They said I wouldn’t be able to swallow without medicine to assist me. They said I’d lose all my teeth. They said I’d never taste food again. They said it would be YEARS until I was anywhere near whole.

Fuck that shit.

I finally took control of my own life and sought the best doctor in the world for my surgery. I remained one step ahead of the doctors by retraining myself to swallow and retraining myself to eat and talk – all without their help. Why? Because their help meant I had to abide by their schedule.  Well, I was finished with the mounting losses. I watched other patients give in and who could blame them? The type of cancer I warred against left no prisoners. It is brutal and I can see where the white flag becomes a relief.

Just like Dido, there was no white flag above my door.

I bled and clawed and scratched and fought for every inch cancer took from me. Though grueling, it was how I chose to not only beat the disease but conquer everything else as well. While I’m still in near-constant pain compared to a “normal/healthy” chap, I’m not fighting at the same level anymore. However, when I target something that matters to me, you can bet I’ll unsheathe my +5 sword and do battle again.

And so it goes with the graphic novel version of Eden. I want it. Bad. It will happen. So, when my artist quit on me a few weeks ago, I didn’t despair. I contacted another artist who provided amazing samples and asked if he wanted the job. He said “yes.”

So, work continues:

Artwork by Andres Cornejo

More details to come, along with a more “official” announcement welcoming Andres to the team.

Be excellent, my friends…


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Yeah, I’ve been quiet and there’s a reason: when you survive one of those “mean cancers”, you really never stop fighting it.

I was in Wisconsin last week, on business, and I forgot my daily meds. You see, the radiation I received weakened my thyroid and left me exhausted for years afterwards. I always assumed it was just an after effect of my year-long battle, but a blood test before we traveled to Vietnam revealed my thyroid deficiency. Now, I take a pill everyday to correct the issue – yay modern medicine!

Well, I forgot those pills at home last week. Doing some quick “Matt math” in my head, I reasoned I could survive 5 days without my maintenance meds. After all, I’ve been taking them for years – the residual effects should be able to “carry” me for a little bit, right?


I guess I forgot that I’m not a doctor. I was drained and tired again last week, almost immediately. Then, my flight home was delayed-then-canceled late friday night and I scrambled to find an alternate route home. Though I succeeded, it was an extra level of stress/effort at a time where I was ready to collapse. Heap on top of all of this the fact that we’re selling our house and it makes for a recipe for less blog updates! 🙂

Fear not, I’m back on my sauce and working on one of the many projects I’ve hinted at recently. Of course, this is in addition to Babylon and I’ll have some teaser artwork quite soon for y’all.

In the meantime, Eden made a “mid-list“! Woot: Four Stars and Up Mid-List

So, not quite a “bestseller” yet (whatever that means these days), but I suppose I could tag my covers as such:

“A novel by mid-lister Matthew C. Plourde”

And the subtag:

“He’s good, but not that good.”

Actually, I wonder if some of the other self-publishers are cheating when they list themselves as “Bestselling Authors.” I mean – what list are you looking at? The one your kid made out of crayon? Does it need to be NY Times? Eden has been in the Amazon top 100 in religious fiction and epic fantasy quite a bit over the past 3 months – does that qualify?

I’ve even seen some self-pubbers “steal” shit for their trailers. One trailer very clearly had a scene from The Mummy in it, and I’d call him on it if I wanted to be petty. He actually had a supporting quote from a bestselling author but it makes me question the validity of that endorsement. If the author was willing to steal copyrighted material (likely without permission from Universal Pictures), then what else are they willing to do to try and snag a sale?

Dammit guys/gals, if yer self-publishing – don’t cheat/steal! ‘Nuff said.

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