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Estimated Release Date: November 2011

That’s right, mofos. I’ve hinted at this before, and now it’s actually underway. The script is done and the artist (Jordan Saia) is cranking out panels. My boy. Mr. Boucher, will be doing the layout. In the end, yet another journey awaits for our little team: self-publishing a graphic novel.

*cracks knuckles*

My goal is modest (because my budget is nonexistent): ~100 pages, full color, Nov 2011 release date

I’m quite excited to see the characters come to life visually:

Early concept artwork for Eden, the graphic novel. Artwork by Jordan Saia.

Jordan’s style fits perfectly with the mood/tone I’m going for and I’m jazzed to get the chance to work with him. Once more stuff is in, we’ll get a trailer out there for ya.

See how much I love y’all? A graphic novel to support the literary work! Fuck yeah! How many of your other favorite fiction writers do that for their audience? I’m committed to seeing Eden in as many formats as possible. If we crack another big number in sales, I’ll commit to the audiobook. I already have one of the best fantasy voice actresses in the world lined up for it… just gotta make the math all work for us.

In other news, Eden was recently reviewed on Luxuryreading.com. They were the first site to receive a review copy and I’m delighted to get a 4/5 rating from them!

In still other news, I have officially joined forces with an “underground” self-publishing movement. More on that next week!


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Jus’ a little something Matt & I are playing around with…

Interest piqued? Thought it might be.



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