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Some Geek Stuff

 I’ve been meaning to do a “geek post” for some time now. This prompted me to finally get off my arse and do it:

No, those aren't my shit stains. I'd *probably* never snap a pic of my poo and share it with y'all. Probably.

 How awesome is this toilet? You wave yer hand over the sensor and a new strip of plastic coating slides over for your hairy ass! Score! The human race wins! Game over! We have conquered all there is to conquer.

I’m pretty sure I snapped this pic at JFK. Just in case you wanted to visit the BEST TOILET MADE BY THINKING ORGANISMS.

Moving on…

What’s next? Oh yeah – check this out. Ready for some useless tech? Ladies & gentlemen, I present to you the  iWallet.

Carbon fiber casing? Check!

Bluetooth to yer phone? Check!

Biometric fingerprint reader? Check!

Apple-worthy price tag (which could feed an orphanage for a week)? Check and Mate!

Heavier than leather, heavy price tag

I haven’t spent $600 on wallets throughout my entire life. Hell, I don’t think the entire Plourde line of men has spent that total on wallets. So, what’s the point here? I’m just not seeing the value…  

Last but not least… let’s talk about computers. You know who rocks? Fuckin’ Commodore rocks!

You can now buy a “classic” looking Commodore 64 (and Amiga models) with modern bits inside (Ubuntu OS shipped, but Windows is possible). The classic Commodore64 shell is also available on the machine, in case you wanted to make some games or something (did a ton of that in my time). The machine comes with a slightly underpowered processor dual-core for today’s high-end games, and the same goes for the graphics card (only half a gig of video RAM). You can opt for the 4GB memory upgrade (from 2GB) and other options include: Wi-Fi, DVD, Blu-ray and up to a 500GB HDD. Seeing as the Commodore helped launch computer gaming, I’m not sure these specs can cut it with todays games.


The price tag isn’t too bad for our nostalgic twitch. $250 for a “barebones” model up to $900 for an “ultimate” model. Since I can get an i7-based gaming rig for about $1,000 off the Dell Outlet, that higher end price tag may seem steep for the hardware you get. 

Ahh, the days of Commodore64 gaming. I didn’t have one, but my friend did. We would play SimCity until the wee hours of the morning together. There’s nothing quite like watching blocks grow slightly bigger because we smartly placed roads and rails near them… sigh. Good times.

What the frak are you waiting for? Go buy one!


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